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Mar 23, 2021

Remote implementation of Training course "NTT EAST Marketing and Sales"

  • ● NTT e-Asia, as a part of business cooperation in Binh Duong province - Vietnam, conducted a remote training course to strengthen the sales capabilities of its business partner VNTT in cooperation with sales relevant departments of NTT East.

      1. Background

      Since 2019, NTT e-Asia has been providing full supported cloud Wi-Fi services and FTTH internet connection services under the business cooperation scheme with Vietnam Technology & Telecommunications Joint Stock Company (hereinafter VNTT) in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam. To transfer know-how from Japan for further improvement of business feasibility, NTT East supervised and made lectures on NTT East Marketing and Sales.

      2. Details

      This training course has been conducted as remote lectures through web conferencing tools, with experts from NTT East's sales-related departments as lecturers, regarding the curriculums on business formation for each sales channel, sales promotion initiatives, and sales methods. As a piloting example differs from the conventional trainings by dispatching lecturers from Japan or accepting VNTT staffs to Japan, it has been concluded with sufficient results to lead the establishment of new methods of know-how transfer.

      Curriculum Overview:

        1.Customer market and sales channels of NTT East – Overview
        2.Customer market and sales channels of NTT East – Call center
        3.Sales activity for middle & large enterprises and local government
        4.Sales activity for small to middle enterprises, SOHO customers
        5.Sales activity for developers and site owners

        Trainee-side in Vietnam

        Trainee-side (in Vietnam)

        Commemorative photo at the certificates awarding

        Commemorative photo at the certificates awarding

      3. Future Plans

      NTT e-Asia will continue to transfer technologies and know-how that contribute to its cooperation business with VNTT through effective combination of face-to-face training and remote lecturing both with the full cooperation and support of NTT East.

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NTT e-Asia Corporation
Person in charge: Thang / Kawarabayashi
E-mail: info@ntte-asia.co.jp

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