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October 7, 2019

Held a ceremony to commemorate the start of full-scale use of Smart Edu at Archimedes Academy in Hanoi, Vietnam

  • ● On October 7, 2019, NTT Vietnam held a ceremony to commemorate the commencement of full-scale services of Smart Edu at the Archimedes Academy, a private primary school in Hanoi, in cooperation with its business partner Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT)
  1. Picture1. Ribbon cutting ceremony

    Second from left: Ms. My, Vice-Principal, Archimedes Academy
    4th from left: Mr. Chang Mai, Deputy Director, VNPT Hanoi
    Center: Mr. Kondo, Senior Vice President, NTT Vietnam
    4th from the right: Ms. Hang, Principal, Archimedes Academy

  2. Archimedes Academy officially adopted the educational ICT solution by Smart Edu for the first time in Vietnam and started using it from September 2019 by approximately 600 pupils in total, who are in the third to fifth grades of primary school. (* 1)

    * 1 Announced on September 6, 2019 regarding the commencement of commercial service provision of educational ICT solutions at primary school in Hanoi, Vietnam

  3. At the ceremony, Archimedes Academy gave their hopes for a new and fascinating learning experience, Smart Edu, and celebrated the start of full-scale use with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.
    In addition, numbers of guests from the Department of Education and Training (DET) in Hanoi and private schools in Hanoi visited the venue and conducted a tour of classes using Smart Edu.

  4. Picture 2: Class scene using Smart Edu

  5. Archimedes Academy has introduced Smart Edu on a trial basis since January 2018, and conducted trial operations in the subjects of mathematics, science, nature, and society.
    The teachers who used the trial praised the pupils for their active participation in the lessons by realizing interactive lessons through electronic blackboards and tablets for teachers and pupils. In addition, 92.6% of pupils stated that the lessons using Smart Edu is easier to understand, easier to use equipment, and more convenient for presenting opinions in the lessons compare to the ordinary lessons, and 98% of pupils want to continue using this platform.
    The Archimedes Academy plans to expand the learning model with Smart Edu up to more than 1,000 pupils after 2021.

  6. Picture 3: Active class participation by pupils using tablets

    Picture 4: ICT supporter and pupils supporting the introduction of Smart Edu into classes

  7. NTT Vietnam will continue to strive to popularize educational ICT solutions in Vietnam by providing Smart Edu to primary and secondary educational institutions.

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