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September 6, 2019

Commencement of commercial service provision of educational ICT solutions at primary school in Hanoi

  • ● NTT Vietnam is pleased to announce that the Archimedes Academy in Hanoi, at which a trial of educational ICT solutions have been conducted since last year, will start using full-scale commercial services from September 6, 2019.
  1. 1. Background

    Currently, NTT Vietnam, in collaboration with Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), one of the Vietnam's largest telecommunications carriers, aims to develop an educational ICT business in Vietnam, and a trial at Archimedes Academy, a private primary school in Hanoi since January last year. The trial ended in May 2019, and positive feedbacks are received from the teachers and pupils as trial users. And in request with Archimedes Academy, educational ICT solutions by NTT Vietnam and VNPT jointly will continuously be provided even after the trial period. Thus, the commercial service provision will be commenced from September 6, 2019.

  2. 2. Overview of educational ICT solutions

    NTT Vietnam will develop a Japanese-style education model as an educational ICT solution that provides total services from content to teacher training that has already been proven in Japan. NTT Vietnam will totally provide educational clouds, ICT equipment, network environments, and ICT supporters who support teachers and pupils as users.

  3. 3. Future plans

    Based on the achievements at Archimedes Academy, NTT Vietnam will aim to introduce educational ICT solutions to current trial schools and other schools.

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