We aim to create sustainable values for the communities in Asia
by working with local partners.

Our customers will be the local communities in Asia, not just only in Vietnam or in Japan.
Listen to our customers with empathy and working closely together to create sustainable value for them will be our ultimate target.
And I believe that working closely with the local partners will be the best way to get there.




To create values for the Asian communities, what we should focus on

FTTH with Digital will be one of our priorities

We commit to provide the reliable network infrastructure to our customers. But that’s not enough. The real value our Asian customers gain is in improving the quality of life for the people in their townships and enterprises in their industrial parks.
We can use cutting-edege technologies like IoT, Local 5G, and cloud services so we could provide more value to our customers.

Software will be another key driver

We are very willing to expand our capabilities quickly in this field.
In fact, NTT East has already had great success with in-house development using Low-code. We can support companies that want to revamp their old systems with system development using Outsystems, etc. based on our successful experience at NTT East.
Data Analysis and AI are promising area, and we can also stand out by providing sophisticated User-Interface.

Expanding the possibilities of FTTH & Digital x Software

Not many companies can do both. I believe that makes us very special in our positioning in the market.