Improvement of quality of telecommunication and ICT infrastructure
and Solutions of regional issues in Asian countries

NTT e-Asia is providing a wide variety of solutions from FTTH infrastructure to SI services for communities in Vietnam and neighboring countries utilizing NTT East’s technology and business models.
We aim to shape sustainable value with empathy for the communities based on the strong relationships that we have cultivated over many years with local partners and government agencies in each region.

Improvement of quality of telecommunication and ICT infrastructure and solution of regional issues in Asian countries

Telecommunications and ICT Infrastructure Investment Business
& Digital Services Business

We are developing investment operation such as optical communication infrastructure and managed Wi-Fi for the purpose of providing high quality and stable communication in newly emerging areas in southern Vietnam. Furthermore, we are proceeding with the construction of business models by conducting trials to provide digital services such as education and e-sports that utilize optical communication infrastructure in various parts of Vietnam.

Software Development Business

In order to accelerate DX (Digital Transformation) inside and outside NTT Group, we provide software development businesses such as various software manufacturing services (including low-code development) and annotation services needed for AI technology. In close cooperation with the local partners, we are working to strengthen a low-cost, high-quality development system in anticipation of future target expansion.